Paulo Phagula

Musings and Scribbles on Software Development


I obsess about a few subjects like: Domain-Driven Design, Extreme Programing, Behaviour-Driven Development, Software Craftsmanship and more; and sometimes I (reluctantly) get on stage, as to share my (mis)understandings and learn from the others.

Inviting me

If you’d like me to come speak at your event, or a teach a workshop, just ping me, my contact details are on my about page.


Here are some kind of words about my talks from the good people organizing or attending events where I’ve spoken.

You killed it on your presentation last Friday! You were the life of the meetup. Thanks for coming!

– Guidione Machava, Head of Community Development @ EngineOne

Past Talks

Here are some talks/workshops I’ve presented in the past. You can read their abstracts, go through the slide decks, and maybe even watch a presentation video.