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Just do Git

Slides from my introductory talk on Git given at St. Thomas University of Mozambique in September 2016 for the Graduating Software Engineering of the same year


The need to have a logic way or organizing and controlling revisions of documents exists almost since man started writing. Book editions are an example of that in the “print” age. Today, we live in a digital age, and Version Control Systems (VCS) exists to help us just with that. Simpler forms of these systems can be found embedded in text editors and spreadsheet calculators as simple buttons such undo and redo.

In software development, source-code is usually maintained as a set of several plain-text files which developers keep editing to add and remove functionalities, or correct bugs. Developers need to collaborate on these files. They need to be able to change them in different ways and in parallel, while also being able to merge their individual changes into the original document without “stepping into each others toes”. Revision control systems are what allows them be able to do that, and Git is one of the most popular and widely used of those systems.

This talk helps developers get a feel of what Git is and how to use it to address these needs.


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