Paulo Phagula

Musings and Scribbles on Software Development


Yo, my name is Paulo Phagula [1] and I’m a software engineer mainly interested in web development, programming tools, and technologies. I’m not just a code monkey though, my passion lies in developing software that adds value to businesses and people’s lives, from idea inception to shipping the final product.

This is my personal blog and brain dump, where I share my ideas and thoughts.

I live in sunny Mozambique ☀️ 🇲🇿 [2] , but have been working in remote teams since forever. Presently, I work at Factorial as a senior software engineer, helping customers manage payroll on time and error-free.

Along my career, I’ve worked in many domains, like Banking & Finances, Human Resources & Recruiting, e-Governance, e-Commerce, and more.

Basically, I’m a tech enthusiast who loves to change people’s lives by enhancing their capabilities through software. I’m an active contributor to open source projects and maintain a few of my own.

Fun fact: On Sundays I practice the Evil cult of Vim at the church of Emacs.

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1. Well actually, I’m Pagula but the folks at the registry messed up. You may also find other variants of the name written as Pacula or Pacule. Also the h in Pha is silent, so you don’t spell it like an "eff" as in "Pharmacy", you spell it in the same way you start saying Party.
2. The only country in the world whose name is made of a single word containing all vowels. And also one of the 4 countries in the world with an AK-47 on its flag.